Leadership change is a process.

After consultation with Dr. Duck and onsite meetings with ministry leaders and the congregation, your organization forms a Transition Team made of trusted leaders elected by the church.

The Transition Team’s role is to develop strategies to engage the congregation in each of the five focus points so that the members will feel ownership of decisions made in the interim period.

Dr. Duck is not the only Interim Pastor of the church; he becomes the coach to a Transition Team. The Transition Team, a customized leadership group, helps to lead the ministry in an intentional interim time of self-examination, reflection and re-engagement.

Each focus point is tailored for each particular organization, including identifying Focus Point issues that need to be looked at before the next leader arrives, preparing the health of the ministry for the next leader, and identifying the type of leader who needs to be called next. The Transition Team is responsible for knowing when the self-study is complete and the work of finding a new leader begins.

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